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AFOA – Autistic Farmers Of America

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AFOA Board of Directors will be published – Fall 2016

President:  LT Bobby Ross

20161113_142324Autistic Farmers Of America (AFOA) is established to operate a model organic farming enterprise where autistic adults can gain farming skills with crops and animals to optimize their capabilities for self-sufficiency.  The leadership for this operation is provided by disabled combat Veterans from the American military from 3 of its wars:  The Korean War, the Vietnam War and the War on Terror.

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Secretary/Treasurer:  William R. Taylor

billHi: I’m just an old up through the ranks “mustang”, but when I was asked if I’d be willing to be part of the AFOA’s founding board of directors, I said, I’d be honored to help launch such a worthy cause. I only have marginal experience dealing with autistic individuals, but I was intrigued by the AFOA’s purpose of trying to help autistic adults become as self-sufficient as they can manage to be. There are a host of organizations to help children, but very few aimed at helping adults afflicted by autism. So that’s why I’m doing what I can to help AFOA with its goals. W.R. Taylor (aka Centurion).

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We are accepting gifts in order to maintain our AFOA Farm and observe an autistic Adult work with our farming staff learning how to farm. Every gift of $10 dollars buys a 50 pound bag of cracked corn. Every gift of $15 dollars buys a 50 pound bag of protein rich laying pellets or medicated chick starter. Our Survival Farm is not in retail or wholesale business because our large flock of poultry (2000) and rabbits are not for sale but are strictly for educational purposes. Autistic people are more comfortable with this system in order to ‘love’ the animals they are breeding. Each person who contributes to our AFOA will be presented with documentation making them official members of our Autistic Farmers Of America.

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