The First Day

This bird is quite the talker.

I plucked this newly hatched chick out of my incubator today, and take pictures of the talkative bird. It’s a rooster, noted by his head parting to reveal where his crown will grow. His feathers haven’t fully dried out from his hatching, and he’s pointedly making it clear he is stressed out of his wits. His legs weren’t under him yet, but after I spent an hour paying attention to him, he was starting to keep his head elevated off the ground. His egg tooth almost looked like a cap at the end of his beak, a sort of clear-looking white on his dark beak.

I took pictures of this hardy new addition to the flock.

The first day of a chick is never easy, even for those who didn’t have issues hatching. The future of the organic flock starts in this incubator, and it’s my responsibility to ensure the chicks I send over to the farm are the strongest they can be. It’s important to shoot for the future, an aspired end goal to what the farm will have. In a matter of a few years, every single one of the birds at the farm will have grown up never tasting anything non-organic.

After I send the little one back into the incubator, I plop down on the bed and go through the pictures and video on my camera. Beauty, one of the cats that lives at the apartment, starts approaching me and stands on my chest while I watch a video of a chick I took pictures of. She is easily fooled into thinking that the camera houses some sort of chick inside, and while she sniffs the camera, her bony little paws start to leave an impression on my chest. After the video stops on my camera, she immediately slips off to another part of the house.

As Bobby would say, “Just another day in paradise”.

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