The Potential of Greatness

Hello, this is Tim from Autistic Farms of America
Every time that I go outside to check up on the chicks, I always need to check to see if there is something out of the ordinary waiting to greet me.
I have gotten used to the usual patterns. Brown gunieas, black chicks, yellow chicks, yellow chicks with brown stripes… but I always wish I’d find something special, something that makes the whole process more interesting. What I’m talking about is having one of those special hatches that brings out the wow factor, makes it all special, makes the day feel a lot better.
So many special birds have hatched throughout this year. Both White and Silver Guinea Fowl have hatched inside the incubator, though not to the extent of their Lavender counterparts. There have been yellow chicks with brown heads, black and yellow chicks – you name it, we have had it. One particular, unique bird graced us with it’s presence earlier this evening, with a the look of a future showbird all over it.
From the head to the tail, he was a solid light grey. He was a rooster, a feature made prominent with his pronounced crown on his head. Even though he hadn’t put his legs under himself, he had all the pride, all the majesty, all the presence of a proud rooster, a rooster who would bring strong genes into the organic pen, a rooster who could win Best in Show in fairs without even having to try. Even with how small he was, I could sense the pride that would one day make him a dominant rooster.
A farm succeeds or fails due to the strength of a bird’s genes, a lesson i have learned under the study of Bobby. I could sense a bit of me inside that chick as well. Part of it came from the fact that I had helped it grow into a proud chick, and part of it knowing that his strength and determination was the same as what I need to show in order to grow and learn at the farm. As I put him back for the night, I knew he had a long way to go, but at the same time I knew that he has the potential to become something great.
So until next time, this is Tim from Autistic Farmers of America.

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