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  1. LT Bobby Ross

    This is my first post here on our AFOA BLOG. We have been working for well over a year putting our AFOA together, and now we are ready to roll. Tim has been working with me for going on 4 years. He just turned 30. When he first came to my Survival Farm, he was so excited he tripped over a hose and damn near killed himself. That was my first experience with ‘autism’. Tim is 100% autistic. I am 100% disabled with combat PTSD and various other ‘wounds’ I received in the Vietnam War. I have been hard at it with this Survival Farming for 12 years since I retired from over 2 decades in the music industry in Nashville at the end of 2004. I can honestly say, between Tim and me, both disabled men, we have made my Survival Farm a total success coming to the end of this 2012 Season. BUT, it has been difficult for the both of us. We both have problems. A few years ago I decided to form the Autistic Farmers Of America because I have no heirs, and I want to leave my Survival Farm to Tim. I can proudly say, he could run it if I was to pass on to the Happy Hunting Grounds. So, now I have to say that I want to expand this concept of autistic farmers becoming normal, working American citizens. So, between my BLOG here, and Tim’s BLOG, and his Mom’s BLOG, we are going to tell all of those interested just how we have to work together to make autism work in farming.


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