Autistic Farmers Of America (AFOA) is established to operate a model organic farming enterprise where autistic adults can gain farming skills with crops and animals to optimize their capabilities for self-sufficiency.  The leadership for this operation is provided by disabled combat Veterans from the American military from 3 of its wars:  The Korean War, the Vietnam War and the War on Terror.  It plans to support that purpose from donations to sustain both the direct operating costs of the farm, and subsidize the participation of an annual group of autistic adults for that experience.  This experiment has not been attempted before this group of American Military put this company together.  Both the leaders of the AFOA and the autistic people involved are disabled.



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We are accepting donations in order to maintain our Survival Farm for autistic people to work with our farming staff and learn how to farm.  Every $10 dollars donated buys a 50 pound bag of cracked corn.  Every $15 dollars donated buys a 50 pound bag of protein rich laying pellets or medicated chick starter.  Our Survival Farm is not in retail or wholesale business because our large flock of poultry (2000) and rabbits are not for sale but are strictly for educational purposes only.  The autistic people are more comfortable with this system in order to ‘love’ the animals they are breeding.  Each person who donates to our AFOA will be logged in and presented with fine papers making them an official member of our AFOA.

From Our Friends:
Dear friends, Over the last nine years, the Autistic community has grown and changed. The Autistic Self Advocacy Network was founded to defend our community’s interests and champion our voice against those who speak about us, without us. Since then, Autistic people have secured greater visibility in public discussions around autism, a seat at the table in policy conversations about us and the ability to respond when we continue to be excluded. We’re proud of what we’ve done – in partnership with you and a growing community of autistic-run organizations and initiatives – to help bring about that change. But more is needed. Hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities still languish in institutions and are paid less than minimum wage. Toxic stereotypes about autism still pervade the public discourse and hurt our people and our families. Too much of our community goes without needed services. We can still do better. That’s why we remain committed to working with the Autistic community to continue to build our movement’s strength. We’re proud to be the premier autistic-run disability rights organization in the United States, and we know that it is because of our dedicated grassroots supporters and activists that everything we have accomplished was made possible. As we approach the end of our first decade, we are proud of what our community has accomplished to date – and even more so of what will be accomplished still. As always, Nothing About Us, Without Us!
Ari Ne’eman